Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get my race information?

In most cases the organization holding the race supplies us with a list.  In other situations, we get the information off the Internet.  In either case, it is very unusual we do not have the information from a source other than the runner.  

How do you get my medal?

We don't.  Our Deluxe Shadow Box and Brass Box come with an extra medal which, in some cases, is supplied by the Marathon.

How about if I ran in a Marathon at which your company was not represented?

We frequently supply our products to those participating in Marathons we were unable to attend this year.  In such cases we do not charge extra for creating the perfect product.  We can use the medal you were given or a more generic medal that is also beautiful.  In such cases we may need your assistance in obtaining the race Logo, date and the runner's net time.

Providing us with the race's web site often solves the problem.  (Back to Top)

I've participated in 4 Marathons and would like something made up for each.  Can your company handle this?

Yes, we can!  We assemble and engrave our products.  Therefore, we can meet your needs.  Provide us with a daytime phone number at which we can call to discuss the makeup of the product and the pricing.  If you have an idea for design in mind, we can probably make it for you.  (Back to Top)

I left a deposit or Paid in Full for my diploma with one of your representatives.  Now that I've received my degree, what do I do next?

Mail us a copy of your degree - in color if possible.  If you can't supply us with a color copy, send us a black and white and we will attempt to color it appropriately (Goldtone Plaques us only Black and White).  Send to the PO Box on the top of your receipt along with any balance due.  (Back to Top)

I lost my receipt and don't know what my balance is?

All is not lost!  Go to the Contact Us page by clicking here, and then either call or send us an email giving us as much information as you can.  We'll track down your order and provide you with balance information.  (Back to Top)

I forgot that I ordered a plaque 2 years ago and just found my receipt.  Can I still get my degree done?

Yes.  We don't have expiration dates.  (Back to Top)

I placed an order with you and am now ready to mail you a copy of my degree.  Now my sister says she wants a Plaque too.  What do I do?

We love to hear about this kind of problem!  Just send us a copy of both of your diplomas.  Include the balance, if any, due on your Plaque and add the full cost for your sisters.  Will be pleased to make a Fond Memories Plaque for both of you.  (Back to Top)

I can't make a color copy.  What do I do now?

Send us as good a Black and White copy as you can get.  We will create a Color Copy.  (Back to Top)

How do I know if I ordered a Lamination Plaque or Goldtone Plaque?

If you ordered your product at our booth, look at your receipt.  If in the left hand box on the order form you see a number from 1 to 8, you ordered a lamination and the number represents the color selected.  (Back to Top)

What is your Return Policy?

In a nutshell, if it isn't right, we'll take it back.

We are not happy unless you are happy.  If you receive our product damaged or if there are spelling or factual errors, we'll make you a new one.  Return the original via Parcel Post.  We'll make another and ship it to you along with reimbursement for your cost to return the original.  (Back to Top)

Do you use the Official Time or the Chip Time for my plaque?

All of our plaques bear the Chip Time, also referred to as the Actual Time.  The Official Time measures the time from the start of the race until each participant crosses the finish line.  In a large marathon, it may take you 10 or 20 minutes to get TO the starting line, thereby inflating the time it takes you to finish the race.  The Chip Time measures the time elapsed between your crossing the Start Line and crossing the Finish Line.  (Back to Top)

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